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Venus in Capricorn- Real Love: Put a ring on it!

On November 25th at 4:28 pm PDT Venus entered Capricorn and will remain in this sign until December 20th. We are all going to feel a powerful new wind blowing through our romantic life. This is a time for serious, long-term committments. We fall in love with being treated with respect, integrity and pragmatism and not with poetic or musical displays of affection. We need realism, facts and steady action, not sensual fireworks or words. We want to be seen, validated and supported in our most basic needs, just like a loving parent provides for their child. We long for practical love and a long-term plan that leads to lasting security. Short-term experiments and improvisation will not do for us.

Capricorn symbolizes winter or a tough time when resources are limited and we need a plan and vision for the future. It’s a time for showing patience, responsability and consistency, while minimizing risks. Capricorn is more about duty, responsability and a sense of obligation than being particularly expressive with our emotions and feelings. It simply does what needs to be done and it enjoys doing so. With Venus in Capricorn realism is a source of pleasure and success. We take off any rose colored glasses and look at relationships just as they are, a transaction between hearts or an exchange of affection that works as long as both parties fullfill their roles. If one party loses integrity or dedication or fails to honor the needs of their partner the whole architecture collapses. Capricorn’s approach to life is based on building ever-lasting structures. It does not settle for easy jobs, it aims for the peak. After all anyone can enjoy love in good times, but what about bad times? So with Venus in Capricorn romance puts on official clothes and wants to be displayed in the public eye. It asks for an engagement ring!

But be careful who you choose to give your loyalty to. The shadow side of Capricorn is connected to being overly focused on functionality and usefulness. This sign loves to see great results achieved through even greater effort. But when our self-worth is damaged (like a cracked mirror) and we do not see ourselves as lovable we can easily go downhill, taking the Capricorn shadow route. We start overdoing Love, trying to make our romantic partner happy and we forget that conditions actually kill love. When we don’t know what unconditional love feels like we fall in love with projects, not real people. We often tell ourselves things like “If I do X, Y, Z for him he will love me”. “If only I had more money, success,... blond hair, blue eyes, he will love me”. “If only I were thinner, younger and so on”. Or we might partner with people who are deeply wounded and try to fix them, overlooking that it is not our job to fix anybody. And that’s how we unconsciusly get to embody the Capricorn shadow side. We try to earn love instead of just naturally receiving it. We work really hard for our “daily bowl” of love. And once we go on this path our task gets more difficult every day. We have to do more and more, proving our self-worth to people who are completely blind to our soul. So what are your romantic committments during this Venus transit? Are you ready to commit to beautiful, healthy and realistic partnerships? Or are you controlled by your committments towards negative, abusive people? The freedom of choice is yours, so what will you choose? Use Capricorn’s realism and wisdom to build a successful partnership!!

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