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Taurus Full Moon on November 12, 2019- La Dolce Vita

Full Moons and Emotional Pressure

On November 12, 2019 at 5:34 am PDT we have a Full Moon occuring at 20 degrees of Taurus. Full Moons are very intense moments as the tension between our minds and hearts desires reaches a climax. We tend to see and feel about things in black and white, but are actually being called to bring the opposites back into balance and negociate a compromise. On Full Moons our emotions are heightened and we can easily follow a path of separation and division instead of integration. That’s why on Full Moons things can get out of hand, just like a volcano errupting, as we feel under a lot of pressure that needs to be released. Our domestic and family life priorities might clash against work obligations and what our minds have lately been planning to get might meet super strong resistance from our instinctive, emotional and irrational side. The solar principle (“I want”, “I will”, “I act and take intiative”) is at odds with the lunar principle (“I feel”, “I need”, “I am passive and respond”). The conscious mind wants to move forward, while the soul longs for a break. Doing and being become polarized! So just be aware that you might find yourselves caught in between the desire to act, be bold, remove your masks and conquer your fears (Sun in Scorpio) and the emotional impulse to simplify everything, stay away from painful drama and take care of your basic needs (Moon in Taurus).

What Does Taurus Live For?

Taurus is an earth sign that appreciates simplicity, comfort, beauty and sensual pleasures. Its attention is directed towards material security. It looks at the very foundation of life, formed by the values that define our identity. With Taurus what we like, possess and gives us pleasure and stability becomes the core of our being. Taurus is the second sign in the zodiac after Aries (which represents a baby’s physical birth and how we assert our presence and will to influence our environment, making sure we’ll survive). In the second stage of development symbolized by Taurus, a child starts discovering food other than his mother’s breast milk. An endless variety of flavours and tastes. He experiments with sound (music), colors, textures. He starts differentiating between what he likes and what he doesn’t. He is building his identity based on his preferences and discovers he can possess what he likes. So attachment is formed. Taurus life philosophy is simple and pragmatic: Hold on to what you love and feels good! Cherish it and show your loyalty! Follow pleasure and comfort, avoid pain!

How to Solve This Lunation's Tension?

So this Taurus Full Moon is all about the tension between “holding on” and “letting go”. You can ask yourselves: What do I need to hold onto in order to feel safe and emotionally nourished? What gives me a sense of stability and harmony in my life? What do I love? What’s my life-long passion and source of joy? The Scorpio Sun symbolizes our desire to dive deep within and become aware of our fears and blind spots. It aims at reclaiming our lost power, by letting go of past trauma. It is drawn to the hidden and mysterious side of life and constantly reinvents itself in the middle of the most profound crises. At the other end, Taurus wants to know nothing about crises or pain. It is too much in love with beauty and the senses. It celebrates the good life, prosperity, abundance, affection. La Dolce Vita!!

Planetary Aspects

Mercury retrograde in Scorpio conjunct the Sun is an important part of this lunation’s chart. The tension between Mercury and the Moon can bring difficulties in expressing and communicating what we need. There is a lack of mental clarity or a painful difficulty in understanding our emotions. The trine between Mercury and Neptune in Pisces suggests that a possible solution is quiet introspection, far away from the world’s pressure and curious eyes. Each one of us should retreat in their sanctuary and allow for inspiration and divine grace to become manifest. This is a great aspect for artistic people, so don’t hesitate to connect with your Inner Poet or Musician. An amazing picture, your favorite song or poem or a passionate tango will say more than a thousand words. Art and creativity will bring clarification of emotions and thoughts.

Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn are sextile this Full Moon and so does the South Node of the Moon. This represents a massive purging of our sense of duty and obligation. Stop serving fake, external authorities and systems and become your highest authority. Choose what’s best for you and what acknowledges your needs! Our emotional truth is brought to light when we walk with our fears instead of just giving in. Walk hand in hand with your fears and celebrate your inner committment to give your heart a voice. Capricorn symbolizes issues connected to tough control, repressed needs and feelings, authority, obligations and responsability. It is the architect in the zodiac. It loves structure and discipline. So what are you building in your life? Maybe it’s time to stop building for others and replace frustration and pessimism with a sense of freedom to choose. We are trapped only if agree to give up our power. So instead of opting for “I have to do it even if I don’t want to” it would be wiser to go with “I’m choosing to do it because I love and honor myself. I matter. I am committed to my happiness. I am building my sweet life”.

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