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Scorpio New Moon- October 27, 2019

Updated: Oct 27, 2019

Cosmic seeds for stronger roots and connections

                          On October 27th, 2019 at 8:38 pm PDT we have a New Moon at 4 degrees Scorpio. New Moons are powerful alignments of the Sun and Moon, true cosmic windows opened into new possibilities. They allow us to dive deep within our creativity, as our masculine and feminine halves (the Sun and the Moon) come together in this amazing cosmic fusion. New Moons represent a special time when we are ready to conceive our next “baby”, be it a project, next step or an initiative we want to take. It could also be a new relationship or part of our identity that we would like to push forward and birth out into the world. Those are quiet moments when we become pregnant with great new ideas, not even being fully aware of the miracles we carry within. New Moons are the best time to plant fertile seeds in our emotional soil, hoping to see our life stories successfully unfolding,

                        So since this New Moon occurs in all consuming passionate Scorpio let’s see what kind of seeds are there available to us in the cosmic shop 😀 Scorpio’s love language is touch (kisses, caresses, embraces, sexual expression and emotional bonding beyond any physical forms or limitations). So planting Scorpio seeds at the beginning of this lunar cycle will bring a rich emotional crop, a deeper sense of intimacy and connection. If for example you’ve been struggling with a fear of abandonment or a feeling of not belonging now it’s the right time to act. Make yourself available and vulnerable and express your need to connect and belong. Allow your fears and shadow part become one of your strengths. Stop hiding and repressing parts of your identity that you believe are less desirable and start looking beyond those, with an x-ray type of vision that will show you are actually sitting on a gold mine. Being yourself is the greatest treasure you could own!! Our gifts lie with our deepest weaknesses and it’s up to us to dive deep and reclaim our power.

                        Scorpio is such an expert when it comes to surrendering control, releasing and letting go of all people or things that have reached a high level of toxicity. So sprinkle a bit of “Letting Go” Scorpio Magic Dust on your life and let it sit for a while until its hidden powers get activated. And you can ask yourselves: Is there anything in your life that you dread letting go of even if it’s emotionally hurting you? It could be a toxic work environment or a relationship or family dynamics. If you’re obsessively holding onto it you can put on Scorpio’s in-depth vision glasses and understand what’s the deep wound behind your fears of letting go.

                 Scorpio’s third area of expertise is rebirth and regeneration. We all carry within the Phoenix rising from the ashes, an incredible ability to reinvent ourselves and start anew. The tricky part is how to conquer our fear to let go. And there is no better master than Scorpio at teaching this. It’s true, bits and pieces of ourselves die in the process, but we emerge stronger and whole. We can only lose something that did not belong to us in the first place, something that was superficial about us. So you can ask yourselves: what area of your life needs regeneration? What’s the skin, role or mask that needs to be shed, as it has become too tight and constrictive for your true identity and joy? Where are you stuck in destructive habits or interactions and what would it take to let go?

                 The New Moon is making a tight aspect of 180 degrees (opposition) with Uranus in Taurus. This symbolizes surprising actions, decisions or events that can affect your life out of the blue. The next 28 days might be filled with surprises and an unstable, erratic energy. Relationships are particularly vulberable to this influence, as Uranus’ strong presence in the New Moon chart suggests abrupt endings or beginnings, people jumping in or out of partnerships without the proper explanations. Communication is poor or edgy, as decisions have already been made. Decisions are not discussed, but rather presented in a dettached way. There is an increased need for independence, space, freedom and following your own, original path. Expect shocking news and actions that hit fast and hard. It might feel like being suddenly shot from behind, finding yourself more hurt by the unexpected part of it rather the emotional pain you’re forced to deal with. The pain of surprise might be way greater than the emotional damage caused by such events.

                    Mars in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn are both rulers of this New Moon chart. Both planets are engaged in an aspect of tension and friction. Mars is squaring the moon nodes and the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. What does this tell us? If we are to jump from past scenarios into future chapters of our life stories we need to act on our instincts and impulses. We need to be brave. Mars represents the daring Hero, conquering all risks and dangers by fast, inspired and enthusiastic actions. So what’s the adventure you are looking forward to start? Be bold and conquer your dreams, by releasing all that is too old, too traditional, too cautious, too skeptical and fear-based. Capricorn teaches us that life is tough, material resources are limited and we need to be wise how we manage them. it’s a mindset based on restrictions and lack. But we are being purged right now of our fears surrounding material security with Pluto sitting on the South Node in Capricorn. Pluto in Capricorn is exposing all the powerlessness and abuse we must face if we lack the courage to naturally flow with our needs and dreams. Follow your bliss! says this alignment. Follow whatever nurtures your soul and makes you feel AT HOME! And also be ready to fight your way out, push hard and make whatever you love the anchor of your life. Let your passions become the womb that will nurture, protect and empower you!

That’s the message of the North Node in Cancer, ruled by the Scorpio New Moon. Go deep to find yourself, stripping down one by one all that is useless or fake. Be who you are, genuinely you, no masks or clothes needed. Be emotionally naked and let others become fascinated by the power that radiates from your true essence. A person that has nothing to hide is truly powerful. Also, since one of Scorpio’s archetype is the psychologisy/therapist don’t forget to work side by side with your healer. Fear of true intimacy and deep connection can be such a huge block in our lives and we all need another set of eyes to be able to see that. I’ve been recently working with a couple clients of mine on their frustration with relationships, fear of abandonment or infertility issues. Deep connections are no easy thing and if we have subconscious beliefs that associate intimacy with pain our minds will do everything to keep us stuck in the safe zone. And this SAFE ZONE could mean frustrating, superficial relationships that lack deeper committments. Or it could mean the impossibility to conceive, as the vulnerability implied by becoming pregnant is for some women unbearable. What are your deepest fears that you would like to

heal? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below. Thank you!!

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