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Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius: May 23-October 10, 2021

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

On May 23 we enter a stage of meticulous introspection where we carefully review past failure and success. We will be looking at all the things that worked and all that vanished into thin air simply because our efforts were not directed towards something tangible and realistic. Saturn is the planet of realism and sometimes even surrealism (when it’s massively active in an individual’s natal chart through multiple aspects). Saturn loves to see us wrapped in work and responsibilities and this is the best uniform we can wear in his world. It’s a world where we play the role of a competent authority at work or that of an expert parent in the family.

Saturn wants us sweating hard while doing endless trainings so that we can eventually compete in the olympics of life. Saturn creates tension, rejection, limitations and obstacles not necessarily because he is a sadist (he still has the reputation of a great malefic in astrology), but because setbacks and failure are his favorite method to build our character and bring us closer to our final goals.

Any planet that is moving backwards in the sky symbolizes an energy within our psyche that is being paused. It needs a break and a major reset. Almost as if someone removes the batteries in a toy, we’re being forced to come to a standstill and look back at all the steps and actions taken in the past and their consequences. Saturn represents our need for structure, discipline and top performance, so we can expect major reevaluations during the next five months. It’s gonna be a summer of looking back over our shoulder, trying to navigate the spider thread upwards so we get to all the knots and blocks in our life story. Where did we get stuck, why and what are the psychological “devices” that can get us out of stagnation? Maybe a bulldozer approach is necessary or sometimes simply the feather-like touch of a therapist can put an end to our powerlessness.

Depending on what house in your natal chart Saturn is currently transiting, you’ll have experiences meant to help you take your power and authority back from those you conceded it to.

If Saturn is moving through your 4th house it means you’re most likely going through radical changes in your parenting style. Depending on what type of parent you were up to this point you’ll feel the need to embody more or less authority in your relationship with your kids. If you’re a workaholic parent you’ll be pushed to unplug your professional ambitions for a while in order to spend quality time with the family and get to know the satisfaction of performing in the role of a mom/ dad as well.

If Saturn is transiting your 7th house you’ll likely feel you’re ready to strengthen your romantic comittments. You might be faced with a crisis in your relationship and if you’re not willing to take the connection and communication deeper your experience can turn into painful separation or divorce. If you have important business associations make sure you’re not Atlas carrying the Sky’s weight on your shoulders. A fair split of tasks and responsibilities between partners guarantees the longevity of the relationship, while no one gets to be resentful and burned out.

If Saturn is going through your 6th house health and physical vitality get under the magnifying glass. If you did not do the work of keeping your body in good shape (you didn’t show up for work-out’s, your eating habits were unhealthy and chaotic, you did not care to hydrate) now it’s a good moment to take action and fight excessive weight, junk food, an overall lack of energy or mental health issues (depression, feeling pessimistic about the future, low self-esteem and so on).

If Saturn is in your 3rd house it’s time to start working on your confidence when it comes to expressing your ideas and opinions. You need to truly commit towards your mind, by honoring your intelligence and finding the courage to talk and share your knowledge. You might even embrace the role of a teacher or mentor and start sharing what you know without feeling intimidated that you don’t know it all yet.

These are just a few examples. A natal chart has 12 houses, so the themes getting activated under Saturn’s frowned and unhappy magnifying glass are many more. Those of you feeling called to work with this transit or who don’t know what house in their chart is being activated can email me at

And to make things a bit more complex and fascinating, any current transit of a planet creates a resonance with that planet’s natal position in the chart. So this retrograde Saturn in Aquarius resonates with our central inhibitions and insecurities symbolized by our natal Saturn. It’s that ball of barbed wire we step on in our shoes every day. And that’s why Saturn’s transit through Aquarius brings so much more to the surface than just the fear of making sudden changes or embodying defying rebellion Aquarius is so good at. This transit is poking our very unique core of fears, forcing us to own them from a place of immense personal power.

This is beyond any doubt a transit through Aquarius, guiding us to a path where we can connect with our inner genius, we can be free and excentric, unapologetic and wild. We are called to redefine our personal boundaries and role in the collective. But this need to set ourselves free and break traditional patterns resonates with our natal placements of Saturn, giving birth to a story in between the past and the future. It awakens ancient fears in us, making us look them straight into their eyes and get friends with. It pushes us towards the next level of individual and collective freedom. But in order to know where you’re headed to one needs to know where they come from, their roots, their fears and their past failures and victories in dealing with them.

This is the essence of Saturn retrograde in Aquarius. Cheers to a fabulous future that can only follow a fully owned past! To take a leap forward one always need a couple steps back to gain momentum.

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