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Sagittarius New Moon on November 26, 2019. What’s true for you? What beliefs do you feed your mind?

Do you talk to your mind using wonderful, positive words that make it act as a magical unicorn that takes you to your Wonderland? Or do you whip and humiliate your mind with terrible, dark, negative words so that it becomes scared, anxious and obssessed to keep you living in a tiny safe box?

On November 26th at 7:06 am PDT a New Moon occurs at 4 degrees Sagittarius. New Moons are quiet, mysterious moments when a cosmic window opens into new possibilities and we can bring our vision to life by taking baby steps in a new direction that is calling us. So don’t hesitate to plant some seeds of wisdom and truth during the next 28 days, as with Sagittarius we need to go very HIGH or very FAR AWAY from what’s familiar to us in order to gain a higher perspective on our lives. Sagittarius is a fire sign with a tremendous apetite for knowledge and adventure. It eats personal truth, personal purpose and personal meaning on bread every single day. It’s all about me, me, me. My life, my story, my truth. This is the work of art that Sagittarius lives for. They will polish their personal story again and again until it contains the perfect dose of inspiration, awe, courage, sense of adventure, optimism and faith. Sagittarius is one of the great story-tellers in the zodiac, so here comes a huge opportunity for us all during the next 28 days to improve our life story and make it even more amazing and exciting. So are you ready to jump? Are you ready to explore life outside your familiar circle? Are you ready to travel far away? Are you ready to feel lucky as if you were God’s favorite child?

Sagittarius is so focused on self-belief that it rarely pays attention to ideas that negate what it believes to be true. It sees only one direction, ahead. Only one truth, personal & intuitive. It doesn’t operate on bits and pieces of information, it wants to see and understand the BIG PICTURE. This is a sign that always goes for a life with a view. It wants a breathtaking panorama and a mindblowing meaning. To achieve this it loves to talk to the saints and God and get an elevated, even philosophical perspective on life. And Sagittarius wants to receive only good news from above. It is highly optimistic and has tremendous confidence. It is expansive, always wanting more, going beyond all limitations, defying gravity with its faith. It spreads its wings wide open and believes the Sky is the limit. It can also be excessive, impatient and inflamed by its vision, so it sometimes needs a friendly reminder to pause and not to move forward so fast. Especially with the opposition between Mars in Scorpio and Uranus in Taurus tying into the New Moon degree change and instability can be an important issue during this lunar cycle. Don’t go for abrupt, rebellious choices or decisions, give yourself time to look beyond any immediate source of irritation or anger and act only after you’ve gained clarity.

Sagittarius travels with both body and mind. It loves to cross oceans and seas and it feels at home in exotic places and among foreign people. It dives into philosophy, religion, spirituality, human and divine laws, foreign languages, law, ethics and morality. It aims to expand its personal truth day by day by incorporating new ideas and new perspectives. Some of its classic Archetypes are the Wise Man, the Teacher, the Priest, the Explorer, the Judge, the Ambassador, the Interpretor/ Translator.

Sagittarius symbolizes our higher, intuitive mind. So for the next 28 days please focus on the life story you are telling yourself and you believe to be true. And make it pretty! Re-examine your beliefs and look objectively at the kind of food you feed your mind. Whatever thoughts you feed your mind it will consume them all and expand. So it’s up to you if you feed your mind bright faith or radioactive darkness. During this new lunar cycle allow yourselves to explore new territories, have shocking new experiences and see your life in a new light. And since we all have a choice, why not choose positive, kind words instead of hurtful ones? If you really were to use your freedom and power of choice would you put yourself down by criticizing yourself non stop? Would you go like “You’re such an idiot. You are always late. You forgot to set your alarm. You look awful. Nobody likes you. You’re worth nothing. You are such a failure. You’re ugly and fat and stupid”? Or would you rather say : “Good job!! I’m so proud of myself! I’ve come such a long way! I’m not perfect but I’m getting there. I am amazing and so so lucky! God always protects me and opens up the way for me. I am here and have a valuable gift to offer. People like me and are drawn to me”. You and your mind are on the same team. Tell it beautiful words and you will flourish. A whole new world of possibilities will open up before you!! Put on your Sagittarius wings, use your kindest words and soar up high and live out your dreams! Love, explore, expand!! Life is giving you a bigger slice of happiness, so just take it! This is such a lucky energy that you can invite in your life to create miracles, especially that Jupiter is still in its own sign (Sagittarius) until December 2nd.

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