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Mars in Scorpio. We're going to war with our fears and imperfections!

Mars just entered Scorpio on November 19th and will spend 6 weeks in this powerful water sign, through January 3rd, 2020. Mars represents the principle of action, desire and will directed towards what we want to accomplish. It symbolizes our ability to express ourselves with tremendous courage and self-confidence and go after what we want. It traditionally rules both Aries and Scorpio, so its energy will be at its highest now that is transiting through Scorpio and it feels at home.

Mars is the physical and psychological impulse that makes us fight, push forward, overcome obstacles and limitations. It is that force that never gives up and eventually opens up the way. It is the Winner archetype, the Warrior, the Champion, the Hero. Achilles, Bruce Lee, Spider Man, Spartacus, Nadia Comaneci and the list of examples can go on. It is connected with masculine athletic and emotional strength. It is invincible. Mars is the life force itself asserting its presence and making an impact on its surroundings. In our life journey we often learn to diminish, hide or ignore these intense impulses to assert ourselves especially if our childhood experiences were not that great. So it’s no surprise we suffer from depression or anxiety or addictions. Anything that stifles this primary, loud and intense force will become a major block on our path towards phenomenal accomplishments and success. But this transit is meant to re-ignite our fire within, our passions and deep desires. A child is born with such incredible self-confidence and self-belief!!! They embody pure Mars energy. A child will cry out loud for hours making his presence known until someone will come and pick them up. A child does not know self-doubt or lack of self-love. They believe 100% that they are amazing and lovable and will use all their strength and charm to obtain support and validation. If you want to learn how to be a winner a baby or toddler can be awesome teachers!

With this transit occuring in Scorpio we are called to take action and destroy all the fears that stand between us and our dreams. We suddenly feel excited and turned on by what life has to offer. We start moving towards the object of our desire and our magnetic confident personality attracts it closer and closer every day. We long for deep connections and intimacy and are not afraid to reveal our imperfections or vulnerabilities. With such a heightened Mars energy in the sky now is the right time to work on our fears, obssessions and self-destructive habits. We are called to regenerate our lives, shedding the masks and skins that no longer serve us. We are being thrown into the birth canal once again and pushed forward to be reborn. It's narrow, uncomfortable, bloody and there is only one direction available: straight ahead! Mars is our teacher and guide for the next 6 weeks, so don’t hesitate to take advantage of this massively confident energy. We go to war with our Shadow and defeat all the demons that used to scare us. So you can ask yourselves: What do I want to conquer? What’s the trophy I laid my eyes on? What do I desire to become intimate with? Who’s the smooth criminal that is the root cause of all my struggles and self-defeating habits? One of the most fascinating Scorpio archetypes is the Detective. So you can start playing this role and put together the pieces of evidence until you find the criminal. What's causing your depression or panick attacks? What's behind your emotional overeating? Why do you stay in romantic relationships with critical partners that put you down? Why are you stuck in an abusive work environment?

And don’t forget. You will find yourselves feeling the typical emotions activated by Mars: desire, arousal, passion, focused ambition, anger, defiance, rebelliousness. Make sure you find a positive expression for them all. Your artistry in navigating them can take you up high or down into darkness. Self-awareness is power, so use every bit of it!! And if you feel you need support reach out to your therapist, they will be your beacon of light during the storm.

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