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Listen to what truly matters!

On October 31st Mercury stationed retrograde at 27 degrees in Scorpio. Until November 20th when it resumes its direct motion we are looking at two options. We can either become frustrated that verbal communication is stuck and not moving forward or we can dive deep within and explore uncomfortable or super painful truths and issues that have been delayed for a long time. Expect communication devices to crash (phones, faxes, laptops, computers, printers, microphones, speakers, cameras). Expect misunderstandings and delays via messages, couriers, deliveries, transportation or mail, all kinds of errors in written or verbal communication (paperwork, contracts, invoices, speeches, interviews) and a general feeling of “talking to the walls”, as if the other party were suddenly struck by deafness. Don’t go for major medical interventions or repairs (home, car) now, as you’ll need a second opinion and second attempt.

And since others can’t really hear and see us, understand our emotions, feelings or needs, Mercury retrograde is a powerful invitation to start listening to the voice within. Communication does not completely vanish, it still happens, but at 18,000 feet below consciousness level, in the invisible psychological realm. Everything stops and freezes in the visible world so that we can hear what really matters. Noise disappears as we are forced to unplug ourselves from our surroundings and a deep silence comes upon us to help follow the intuition’s soft voice.

Scorpio has all to do with taboo subjects, like losses, crises, traumas, powerlessness, betrayal, death, sex, intense fears, phobias, obsessions, secrets. So a retrograde Mercury transiting through Scorpio mainly aims at exposing the ugly truth that we were not willing to look at. It will expose what we are trying to hide or pretend it’s not important. It’s a great opportunity to heal the less desirable parts of our identity, revealing and embracing who we truly are. Mercury is lifting the veil, are you ready to take a peek at your true self? Are you ready to listen to what lies on the other side of words and is kept silent? Are you paying enough attention to your intuition? It’s trying to make you aware of crucial issues. And the good news is they don’t necessarily have to be negative. Scorpio is also connected to our hidden riches and treasures, so why not unearth the gems you carry within? Starting with November 20th we’ll have many chances to practically apply what we learned in all this time and upgrade our lives.

If a child is born with Mercury retrograde they will be struggling with a lack of self-confidence when it comes to expressing their own ideas, opinions and thoughts. Fear of communication and of being misunderstood is strong, so parents need to be particularly encouraging and gentle. Stuttering, difficulty in articulating one’s words, delays in mental or social skills, feeling not smart enough, a fear of exploring and learning new things are some of the major blocks pertaining to a retrograde Mercury. The child’s mind needs to be trained to associate opening up to new things and people with fun and safety.

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