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Happy Summer Solstice!

As the Sun enters the sign of Cancer tonight darkness surrenders to light. This is the longest day of the year where we witness the culminating energy of life and light. We feel soothed and cradled like a baby in the arms of his loving mom.

Life always finds incredible ways to support and nurture us, even when we feel lost in our darkest hours. And tonight’s magic is about celebrating the light and how far we’ve made it in our journey. In spite of the humble start so many of us got. In spite of the fact that often family members were the ones to treat us worst. But then all they actually did was chase us in the arms of those who truly feel lucky to have us in their lives. Our soul family. It’s a never ending dance of light and darkness that helps us get in touch with and acknowledge our inner light and power.

If you go out in nature today it’s a blissful experience, as the light’s magnetism hits a peak. It will for sure awaken your inner spark and joy.

Cancer is the sign in the zodiac where we connect to our roots and origins. It is what truly feels like home, where we belong and are connected. Cancer represents our family on earth, but our divine origin as well. We are all children of God. On the summer solstice the veil between the two worlds is thinnest. Spirit talks to us and enlightens us. We can get essential messages and downloads from the other side. We can be reconnected with our purpose and essence in case we got lost. And we get to come home again and again to all that we truly love and want to nurture.

In the US we also celebrate Father’s Day today. When we think of the Sun in astrology we think of fathers and heroes. So cheers to all the father figures that were an inspiration to their kids and the world!! And to those of you who didn’t get to be so lucky, you can awaken your Inner Parent and love and rescue yourself like a true superhero. If that feels intimidating or you don’t know where to start DM me and I’m be honored to support you.

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