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Gemini Full Moon- Love meets cold rejection and control. Navigating between faith and doubt is hard!

On December 11th at 9:12 pm PDT a Full Moon occurs at 19 degrees Gemini. It is the last moon phase before the solar eclipse on December 26th, so it’s time to bring to a final stage any projects that we started 6 months ago. You can go back to the July 2nd solar eclipse time  and think of what worked and what didn’t and needs now completion.

During Full Moons our emotions are so incredibly emphasized that our whole domestic and romantic life is brought into the spotlight. For the next 2 weeks we have the opportunity to clearly see and feel what we need in order to function properly and how that clashes against what we want. Our rational mind might want to follow a path that cuts us off from our gut instincts and impulses. This is why our lives can easily become tense. We are torn between two different courses of action. We feel under tremendous pressure, trying to bring back in balance the mind and the heart, the family and the career, the past and the present, the longing to relax and go within and the sense of duty and obligation that keeps us actively engaged with our public life and our role of provider. It’s important to remember that on Full Moons life situations and relationships appear in black and white, we feel stretched to our top limit and need to acknowledge the power of compromise. Following a path of separation and conflict instead of integration is an unnecessary trap that can be avoided.

On this Full Moon the Sun is in Sagittarius making an opposition to the Moon in Gemini. So there is a split and a tension between the Sagittarius desire to look at the big picture, contemplating life from an elevated perspective and the Gemini impulse to keep things simple and easy. Sagittarius is all about inner truth, inner vision and personal meaning. It’s about defining one’s purpose in life. It’s the wise, philosophical and moral impulse within us. Gemini represents the curious mind that loves to communicate and learn more and more every day, but without being emotionally invested in the information it juggles with. Sagittarius believes, has faith, while Gemini collects data and stays neutral and dettached. It believes nothing, it only knows the dry facts about X, Y, Z. This Full Moon thus brings our faith face to face with our lack of faith. It’s a duel between our Inner Priest and Inner Scientist. One believes without proof, while the other needs a whole list of facts.

You can ask yourselves: "Where in my life do I have unshakeable faith?", "And where am I overwhelmed by self-doubt and the feeling I don’t know enough?", "Where do I go far far away from what’s familiar and where do I feel I need to stick to the neighborhood where I was born?", "Do you feel called into the unknown like Elsa in Frozen II :) or do you prefer to play safe and say “NO” to adventure?" This Full Moon describes a tension and pain around the theme of growing and expanding into something bigger and wiser, but any growth is accompanied by pain, doubt and uncertainty. So a decent compromise would be to grow slowly, taking baby steps in the direction of your inner truth, by gradually expanding the initial playground zone from where you’re launching your discovery trips. For each and every one of us our life adventure starts in the crib, which gradually becomes our room, our parents house, our neighborhood, our school, our country and eventually our entire planet. It’s a natural process that cannot be stopped. And since both Gemini and Sagittarius are great story tellers maybe it’s worth paying attention to the stories you tell yourselves. Whatever happened in the past don’t get discouraged, don’t dissolve in negative emotions or try to numb them out through addictive behavior. The T square between the Sun, Moon and Neptune in Pisces as focal point shows loneliness, discouragement and a feeling of overwhelm as an active theme.

At the moment of this Full Moon the triple conjunction between Saturn, Venus and Pluto in Capricorn becomes exact. We can expect romantic or financial difficulties during the next 2 weeks caused by objective restrictions and limitations (Saturn) and fear or a need to control (Pluto). With Venus conjunct Saturn love meets rejection, coldness or interdiction. We want to give and receive love but doubt at some level that we fully deserve it. This can bring about a sense of pessimism and looking at love through the lense of lack. The same is valid for money and pleasure, so our overall self-worth (Venus) is vulnerable during the next 2 weeks. With Venus conjunct Pluto there can also be a subjugation of our feelings by others, so don’t let them control your perception of how lovable you are. This is a powerful and intense aspect that invites us all to let go of toxic people in spite of all the love we’ve invested in them. Blind attachment is dangerous, so if you feel caught up in a relationship where the other person controls who you are, what you like, how much love you deserve, as if you were their accessory, maybe it’s time to head for the exit. The Saturn-Pluto conjunction will be exact on January 12th, 2020 and it’s been building up for a while. It symbolizes tough choices to be made and hitting a crisis point. Whatever is toxic or forces you to go in a direction that is not healthy anymore you need to let it go. It’s a huge transformation by shedding useless roles that interfere with our long-term well-being. Esentially it speaks of extracting ourselves from a context where we are subjected to some sort of power abuse. The triple conjunction Saturn-Pluto-Venus in Capricorn forms a 150 degree angle (inconjunction) with the Gemini Full Moon. This aspect translates a feeling of irritation and friction, so something really needs to be brought back into balance.

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