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CLASH OF THE TITANS- Mars, Saturn and Uranus T Square

Starting with June 30 until the end of the 4th of July weekend we’re witnessing the clash of titans in the sky. Mars in Leo is opposite Saturn in Aquarius, while Uranus in Taurus is squaring both. It’s the so called T square configuration that is very intense and can gift us with a major breakthrough, a moment of radical awakening.

Mars in Leo represents the voice of extreme personal courage. We are battling here with our big fears and insecurities and asserting our need for authenticity. All that we want is to be ourselves and to show our gifts to the world. We are not looking outside for validation of the self. No more. There is so much love, confidence and brightness within that the cup is overpouring.

At the other end of the battlefield Saturn in Aquarius meets Mars with a dismissive attitude. “I am the old experienced authority, do things as I say, stick with the traditional ways!” So you can expect to plunge big time into conflicts with all types of authority these days (parents, bosses, romantic partners that hold too much power over you, any significant person in your life you go to in order to get permission to do certain things, government, police).

Saturn in Aquarius is our fear-based response, when one dissolves individuality into the group, they hide away. Mars in Leo is brave and wants to have fun, celebrate life, but can also be impatient and super angry.

So take things easily, if you get angry or bitter with frustration it is perfectly fine, but don’t let those emotions take over you. Dance with them because they are taking you forward like a wild wave, they are opening up the space for a breaking point.

Uranus in Taurus is kind of watching the clash of Mars and Saturn and throws bolts of lightning into the mix. It loves to bring it to an extreme flavor. It wants a revolution in our lives, a massive upgrade. Especially when it comes to Taurus areas: self-worth, money, monetization of gifts, income, values.

So where are you saying “No more!!”? What area of your life is on 🔥 because you are rushing to break your chains? What’s your new passion or desire that you want to celebrate with joy and glory? In what area of your life are you falling in love with yourself more and more?

Depending on the planets and houses activated by this configuration in the sky it could be your romantic relationship, your relationship with money, your health, your parenting style or your professional goals thst are shaken up. If you feel called to learn more about it or feel the pressure but it’s a lot to handle DM me. I’m here to lead you into your truth and new possibilities.

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