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Corina Stefan D.Psych.Astrol.

psychological astrologer

May the stars guide your path!

            The stars are telling a story. Everyone has a story. The position of the Sun, Moon, planets and asteroids at the time of people's birth will impact their personality, affect their romantic relationships and also influence the future economic outcome of their lives. As the Moon influences the tides or the crops, so the other planets and asteroids in our solar system are influencing everything on Earth, including our personality and life. I am here to help you better understand your strengths and challenges that lie ahead of you and this website offers a great oportunity to reshape your life. Feel free to explore with me and your questions will finally have an answer.

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About Me

Welcome to my website!

              The stars have brought you here. I’m a successful psychological astrologer based in Idaho, USA. Whatever you’re going through, I‘m here to help you find your way forward.

Let me tell you a bit about me.

I've been studying astrology since I was 14. I found a small astrology guide in my parents' library at home. Browsing that book I was instantly fascinated how precise the information was. It felt like it emanated from an omniscient mind that had access to secret knowledge. It was my first contact to some sort of mysterious soul of this universe, which almost whispered in my ear that life is so much more than what it seems and urged me to investigate its secrets.

               The meeting with that book was not an accident. I was a weird child who used to ask herself questions regarding the reasons why I was part of my family because I felt emotionally disconnected from them. I felt a painful incompatibility between my soul that loves harmony, beauty and gentleness and the hostility in my family. I was basically an allien that had landed in that family from a distant planet. And this contradiction never ceased to intrigue me, so I started digging for answers. Studying every book and treatises from every corner of the world written on astrology, understanding the Universe's mathematics and the secret symbols and  understanding the logic behind this huge mechanism helped me so I can help others. For the first time in my life I felt AT HOME. 

                   I was only 23 years old when my sister lost the battle with depression. I felt like I was fighting with the Death itself over her soul and the Death won: She committed suicide and my entire world shattered into pieces.  I threw away all my astrology books. I wanted to completely forget all about it and to accept that life simply is a chaotic sequence of positive and negativ events dictated by an insensitive capricious God. But then it was a calling. I could hear it loud and clear like someone was sitting next to me and told me what to do. I felt the need to understand more, to see what's happening, to understand beyond mystics and beyond religion and to ignore those voices who were telling me:" It was God's will". No, it is not God's will that we suffer and live in pain or choose to die, It is not God's will to be in an unhappy relationship or to live in poverty. It is not God's will for us to stay ignorants. God is love, God is knowledge and knowledge is power to learn, adapt and overcome whatever life throws at us.

                  I am here to help. I am certified in psychological astrology with MISPA in London and studied Diamond Astrology with Monique Leurink. I will put my 18 years of hard work, study and experience in helping and treating others to work for you and to help you understand and unlock the full potential of your natal chart, the destiny drawn by God for you. May the stars guide your path! 

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What They’re Saying

                  Corina has the gift to read the stars and translate their message so that one's soul will understand it perfectly. The astrology sessions with Corina helped me to clarify my decisions and to pursue the path my soul resonates with.

Cristina Calarasu - visual artist, Bucharest,


                     In the first 5 minutes Corina shared that she has been studying astrology since she was18 years old and how it is scientific (very attractive to me) and that it's based on the time and date you were born. The remaining time was her revealing my own life to ME! and she was spot on. (it was unnerving a little as I had just met this person and she knew my patterns and my quirks, relationships and why I was born.) BLEW MY MIND! 

                 So you know I had to go back and I did two days ago. I had an amazing realization about women, my mother, my abuse and my relationships with men and my son. I have never felt so vulnerable and so free at the same time. Corina Ștefan was amazing and so understanding. There was no woo woo psychic stuff, just the truth of you. (in my opinion) She is not from this country and does a lot of work in Europe (so she can work long distance!)

                      I don't give many recommendations, but when I do it's because the experience changed me. If you ever want to know MORE about you, why are you stuck, why relationships don't work or what you are meant to do, from a scientific standpoint, try her and have your life changed too!

Coni J. Mackey - public notary - Las Vegas, NV, USA

                     I met Corina in 2012 and I can honestly say that she blew me away. Since then every year she is doing a solar return for me so I know what to expect in the year to come. She is so smart, kind, knowledgeable and most of all a real professional. In my long journey to seek for the truth I met all kinds of astrologers wannabes, palm readers, tarot card readers and clairvoyants. All of them where "having a guess", nothing precise, nothing scientifically

                     I sent her at least two dozen friends and all of them were stunned. At first people thought she is going to bypass or deny their religion and faith or the teachings from the Bible. On a contrary she reinforced their faith in God. The information is so precise like she is holding in her hands the book about your life in it and she is just reading back to you. Then you can have no doubt that we all are indeed stardust. 

                 No fantasies, no BS, pure and honest truth. I strongly recommend her to anyone seeking for their inner truth.

ABO - musician - Denver, CO,

                  I have been working with Corina for over two years now, and it truly has been such a life changing experience. I have learned so much about myself and grown so much emotionally.  Corina’s guided meditations are some of my favorite things to do to help me uncover the subconscious part of me that’s hidden, but rules so many of my choices (good and bad). They are so relaxing and so revealing. She has given me the push and guidance I needed to set healthy boundaries in my relationships and life in general.  

                        She has helped me discover new passions, and I now have a joy for life I haven’t felt in years. And as a byproduct of learning to set healthy boundaries, and discover my passions, I am able to see life in a proper perspective, and stress in my life is almost non-existent.  This is a huge change from where I started, where I was constantly exhausted because nearly every aspect of my life was perpetually very stressful.


                 She also helped my teenage son overcome his severe and debilitating anxiety in just a few months. He was nearly house bound due to his anxiety, it was heartbreaking to watch and I didn’t know what to do. We had taken him to doctors, but they were only able to give him suggestions on how to endure the panic attack, but not treat the core cause, so they always came back.  As time went on, the attacks seem to come on faster and worse. Working with Corina was when he was able to truly overcome it. He has not had a single episode since, and that was two years ago.

                      It has been an amazing transformation.  It is so fun to watch him now live his life to the fullest, live up to his potential, and just enjoy interacting with his peers and being alive.  I can’t thank her enough for everything she has done for us!” 

Nicole Goode -
Real Estate Manager - Las Vegas, NV, USA

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